Discover the artistry at Creative Action Training, where diverse services unite film, theater, and physical training. Explore our inspiring curative educational experiences, empower your skills with creative action training workshops, and embrace heart-pounding world premiere action theater. Our offerings are designed to elevate your craft and ignite your creativity.

Join us in celebrating the fusion of expertise and artistry at Creative Action Training, where the stage is set for your extraordinary artistic journey.

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Film, Theatre & Physical Training

Performing Arts Training & Production Services

Welcome to Creative Action Training, your ultimate destination for immersive performing arts training and production services. We proudly offer a diverse range of services that transcend traditional boundaries, bringing together the worlds of film, theatre, and physical training.
At Creative Action Training, we ...

From Martial Arts to Action Theatre

Creative Action Training is the culmination of a journey that began in 2008 when Justin M. Krall started training in stage combat and movement theatre during his undergraduate years at Niagara University. It was during this time that Justin discovered the fascinating intersection of martial arts, combat, and ...
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