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At Creative Action Training (C.A.T.), we offer a distinctive approach to stage combat and movement instruction, fostering original storytelling and pioneering new methods of performer training. Our curriculum is designed to cater to a wide range of needs, from one-time workshops to full semesters and intensive training programs.

We believe that storytelling is at the heart of great stage combat and movement instruction. Our approach is geared towards developing innovative methods that not only enhance physical performance but also enrich the narrative. Whether you're an aspiring actor, a seasoned performer, or an educator looking to provide comprehensive training, our curriculum covers a spectrum of subjects, including but not limited to unarmed combat, knife fighting, staff combat, single sword techniques, and the art of the longsword.

Our instructors are industry professionals with a passion for teaching and a deep understanding of the nuanced relationship between movement and storytelling. They provide hands-on training that empowers students to not only master combat techniques but also use them as powerful storytelling tools. Our curriculum is adaptable, allowing us to tailor our instruction to meet the specific needs and goals of our clients.

If you're looking to explore the exciting world of stage combat and movement with a fresh perspective or seek comprehensive training for yourself or your students, C.A.T. is here to help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to discover how our unique approach to instruction can enhance your skills and storytelling abilities.

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