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World Premiere Action Theatre

        Action theatre, an exhilarating and often underutilized genre, takes center stage through Creative Action Training (C.A.T.). We proudly present a collection of new, original works that span both devised and traditionally written pieces. Our productions are crafted to captivate audiences with non-stop action, weaving together compelling narratives and dynamic styles.

The Creative Action Theatre portfolio boasts a selection of original action theatre works, meticulously developed and tailored for full casts of stunt actors and “candy” for fight directors. Each production is a rollercoaster of relentless action, complemented by intricate storytelling and distinctive stylistic elements.

Whether you're envisioning a fast-paced 1-hour spectacle or an epic 2.5-hour adventure We offer versatility in casting, with casting from 8 to 20 plus actor combatants. From semi-minimalistic sets to high-production design, our productions can adapt to varying creative visions. Want to host us and create a new work entirely? We’re ready to tell epic stories- schedule a consultation to chat.
Creative Action Theatre Productions available for world premiere productions:
Living The Dream: A Combat Concert
(Devised work, Original director and Composer required for production)
Cast of 8+ understudy, with understudy guest appearance.
Flexible casting.

  A love letter to anyone with a dream they’ve struggled to fight for. This genre defying action-adventure dreamscape follows the Everybody artist as he fights his fears, fantasies, and ambitions. Audiences will be on the edge of their seats with laughter and tears along the way, driven by an epic original score by Derek Graham AKA Rekadon.
Fundraising paired well with: Arts advocacy and initiatives

Cyberskunk: An Epic Cyberpunk Action Comedy Fantasia
Cast: 5M 5F +Stunt extras
Traditional script available.
Estimated runtime: 2.5 hrs

Content warning: Heavy language and violence throughout. Sexual inuendo.

An opportunity for bold stylistic production design, When cyberstoner Guy returns home to find his beloved catsnake Ralph missing, he dives into the gaming realm to find his furry friend but not all is what it seems. Guy recruits help from his friend and super genius Tori to track down his pet and take on the terrible Megacorp. Cyberskunk is an off the walls belligerent sci-fi comedy including extreme fowl language and constant violence throughout. Think a blend of Rick and Morty, Seth Rogen and John Wick.
Fundraising Paired well with: Animal Shelters and causes.
Cast: 8
Runtime: 70 minutes
Devised script, creators involvement recommended.

Content warning: Constant brutal violence, traumatic themes, foul language.
Survivors in a strange and desolate hostile world fight for their lives, a semblance of understanding and a possible way out. In this world no one survives without a fight, and they can’t escape what they don’t understand. When under constant attack what will it take for them to catch a break? This served as the production component of founding director Justin Krall’s MFA Thesis defense “The Struggle for Meaningful Spectacle.”
Fundraising paired well with: Mental Health

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